A few questions to help us, and more importantly you, to understand what you want from an asset tracking system
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First real question {{answer_swPTTwhABka7}}, what kind of assets are we looking to track?

What's the main drive to track these assets {{answer_swPTTwhABka7}}?

Is it to save time, reduce losses, understand the flow of assets better, track usage or something else entirely?

In your own words, as long or short as you like:
How far down the road are you with asset tracking? *

Have you got an idea of which technology you think would suit you best?


Perhaps you have some concerns about how effective asset tracking will be in the real world, anything specific you're concerned about?

Let's get to the nitty gritty, what's your estimate for the amount of assets you need / want to track? *

And at how many different locations are those assets? *

There's a number of options for asset tracking, the one you want determines the technology to be used.  Now we need to understand more about what you need to achieve, that'll help us advise on technology and potential suppliers.

Are you looking to be able to locate an asset within a building, let's say a pallet of goods in a warehouse, you want to know exactly where it is in the warehouse?  Or let's say a specific tool, you want to know where it is in your building? *

Are you looking to be able to allocate specific assets to specific people, allowing you to know exactly who has what at any time?

Are you looking at tracking the flow of assets around your premises?

Are you looking to track assets on vehicles, what's in the van when they leave, what's in the van when they return?  Or using tracking to make sure nobody leaves for a job without the right equipment on board?

Is it something else you're looking to achieve?

Are you aware of any particular challenges around your assets?  Perhaps they're metal, or barrels of liquid, or they suffer from hard knocks and rough treatment.  What are the potential difficulties you're already aware of? *

How convinced are you that asset tracking will add a significant benefit to your business? *

There's one challenge which will definitely need managing carefully, the actual tagging of your assets.  Would you like to have a free onsite analysis of your assets to ensure that the tagging plan is correct? *

We don't sell any asset tracking systems, we simply assess your assets and advise on who you should speak to about a system purchase.  Our role is understanding your assets and creating the best tagging options for those assets.
Do you have a target date for implementation of a tracking system?

If there's anything else you'd like to ask, suggest or request, please note it here:

We'll get back to you with some advice / ideas for your asset tracking project.  if you requested an onsite analysis we'll be in touch, if not we'll just send you whatever information we feel will be useful.

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